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About me

I am Vosiekip a Minecraft og, 

My Minecraft story started on the family iPad with my sister, it was a fun time even tho the game was not developed that far. 

I remember the first time telling my sister about aggressive mobs, she didn't believe me and got jump scared. 

We sadly broke the Ipad when jumping on the couch, but my love for this game never stopped. 

I bought a ps3 and started playing Minecraft every single day for years on end. 

I was missing the feel of java so I upgraded to a laptop,  sadly the laptop broke pretty fast but I was able to get my money back and buy a ps4.

After a couple more years on the ps4, I made my custom pc. 

Another year goes by and I see the possibility of making my Minecraft server store into an actual server! 

So that's where you have now landed on my path, I welcome you and hold tight because it will be a bumpy but fun ride!

About the server

We are a server that wants everyone to have a fun time! 

This is why we have multiple modes: Survival, Skywars, and Kitpvp

The server has weekly events to give out premium currency because we believe it should not be locked behind a paywall.

( I Vosiekip hate pay-to-win in servers, and servers that use their younger audiences to make more money )

That's why we have tried to not limit the fun for unpaying players, but still, make enough money to keep it running smoothly.